Selected publications of the Frisén Lab


Cell 2015

Bergmann O. & Zdunek S.

Dynamics of Cell Generation and Turnover in the Human Heart


Science 2013

Cell 2014

Nat. Neurosci 2014

Science 2014

Cell 2014

Sci Tran Med 2015

Sabelström H

Resident neural stem cells restrict tissue damage and neuronal loss after spinal cord injury in mice

Ernst A


Neurogenesis in the Striatum of the Adult Human Brain

Huttner HB & Bergmann O

The age and genomic integrity of neurons after cortical stroke in humans

Magnusson JP & Göritz C

A latent neurogenic program in astrocytes regulated by Notch signaling in the mouse

Yeung MSY

Dynamics of Oligodendrocyte Generation and Myelination in the Human Brain

Kundu P. & Genander M.

An EphB-Abl signaling pathway is associated with intestinal tumor initiation and growth

Cell 2009

Cell StemCell 2010

Cell StemCell 2010

Science 2011

Neuron 2012

Cell 2013

Genander M

Dissociation of EphB2 signaling pathways mediating progenitor cell proliferation and tumor suppression

Barnabé-Heider F

Origin of new glial cells in intact and injured adult spinal cord

Nomura T

EphB Signaling Controls Lineage Plasticity of Adult Neural Stem Cell Niche Cells

Göritz C

A pericyte origin of spinal cord scar tissue

Bergmann O

The age of olfactory bulb neurons in humans

Spalding KL & Bergmann O

Dynamics of hippocampal neurogenesis in adult human

Cell 2005

PNAS 2006

Cell 2006

Nat. Methods 2008

Nat. Neurosc. 2009

Science 2009

Spalding KL

Retrospective Birth Dating of Cells in Humans

Bhardwaj RD & Curtis MA

Neocortical neurogenesis in human is restricted to development

Holmberg J & Genander M

EphB receptors coordinate migration and proliferation in the intestinal stem cell niche

Barnabé-Heider F

Genetic manipulation of adult mouse neurogenic niches by in vivo electroporation

Carlén M

Forebrain ependymal cells are Notch-dependent and generate neuroblasts and astrocytes after stroke

Bergmann O & Bhardwaj RD

Evidence for cardiomyocyte renewal in humans

Cell 1999

Science 2000

Nature 2000

Curr. Biology 2002

Nat. Neurosc. 2005

Nature 2005

Johanson CB

Identification of a neural stem cell in the adult mammalian central nervous system

Clarke DL

Generalized potential of adult neural stem cells

Holmberg J

Regulation of repulsion versus adhesion by different splice forms of an Eph receptor

Carlén M & Cassidy RM

Functional integration of adult-born neurons

Hofstetter CP

Allodynia limits the usefulness of intraspinal neural stem cell grafts; directed differentiation improves outcome

Spalding KL

Forensics: age written in teeth by nuclear tests




Selected Review Papers by Dr. Jonas Frisén

Cassidy R, Frisén J

Neurobiology. Stem cells on the brain

Simon A, Frisén J

From stem cell to progenitor and back again

Barnabé-Heider F, Frisén J

Stem cells for spinal cord repair

Göritz C, Frisén J

Neural stem cells and neurogenesis in the adult

Chell JM, Frisén J

Noisy neurons keep neural stem cells quiet
Nature 2001 Cell 2007 Cell Stem Cell 2008 Cell Stem Cell 2012 Cell Stem Cell 2012


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